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Welcome to m to ft, our article covering the conversion of meter (m) to feet (ft). If you have been googling for how many m in a ft, or if you have been looking for m in ft, then you have also come to the right page. The abbreviation for the unit meter is m, and for the unit foot, which takes on the plural feet, we either use the abbreviation ft or write the length conversion using the prime symbol ′: m to ′. Keep reading to learn all about meter to feet, and be sure to check out our m to ft converter at the end of the next part as well as our search box in the sidebar.

Convert M to Ft

As one ft comprises of 0.3048 m, to convert m to ft we apply the formula [ft] = [m] / 0.3048. From that follows that one m is equivalent to 3.2808398950 ft, rounded to ten decimal places.

To obtain m in ft divide the distance in m by 0.3048. This division is equivalent to the multiplication by 3.2808398950131233595800524934383.

The result you get is that one m is roughly 3.28 ft. In daily life this approximation is often fair enough, for more digits apply our formula using a calculator, or employ our converter below:

Insert your length in m, then press the convert button. Our tool embraces that a ft has 12 inches, usually written as in or ″. Hence, you obtain the equivalence in ft, in, and ft and in together.

M to Ft Converter


Observe that our converter rounds to 10 decimals, and that to conduct a new conversion you should first hit reset. And here’s everything about ft to m, the opposite transformation.

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M to Ft Conversion

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M in Ft

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To sum up, 1 m in ft ≈ 3.28 ft.

In case you have been searching for m into ft, m in ft and inches or from m to ft, then you have also gotten the equivalence of your dimension in meters in feet and inches.

This is also true for our visitors who have been writing the conversion using the international spelling “metre”, as opposed to the American variant “meter”.

m to ft

If you like to change m to feet and inches combined, use the formula [ft] + [in] = Int([m] / 0.3048) + 12 * Mod([m] / 0.3048,1), the inch part is decimal though.

This is the same m to ft and in equation, except for the fact the result is rounded to nearest full inch: [ft] + [in] ≈ Int([m] / 0.3048) + Int(12 * Mod([m] / 0.3048,1)).

The math used for the transformation is known as quotient and a remainder of the Euclidean division. For the quotient part as well as for rounding the inch part we used the notation Int(x).

We have written this article on meter to feet to assist you changing the United States customary / imperial units to the metric system, a decimal system of measurement used almost worldwide.

Further information such as where the units ft and in are officially used, and references for additional details about the units under consideration can be found on our home page.

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