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Welcome to ft to m, our website about the conversion of feet (ft) to meters (m) and vice versa. If you have been looking for ft to mtr, then you are right here, too. On this page we are going to show you how to convert ft to m applying the length conversion formula. In addition, here you can find a converter which takes feet and inches as input, and then transforms these units to meters. Read on to learn everything about ft in m, and make sure to also pay a look at our search form.

Convert Ft to M

As a foot measures 30.48 cm, and because a meter comprises of 100 cm, the ft to m formula is: [m] = [ft] × 0.3048. This means that a foot is 3.2808398950 m, rounded to 10 decimals.

To change a ft to m multiply the length in the unit foot by 0.3048. This is equivalent to the division by 3.2808398950131233595800524934383.

As you can see, one ft is approximately 0.3 m. This value is usually precise enough for daily use, else make use of our formula with the help of a calculator, or utilize our converter below.

To use our ft to m converter enter the dimension in ft in the first input field, and leave the second form field empty if you don’t have any inches. Next, press the convert button.

Ft to M converter

Note that our converter rounds to ten decimal digits, and that to start over you should first press the reset button. And here’s all about m to ft (link), the inverse calculation.

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Ft to M Conversion

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Ft in M

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In summary, 1 ft in m = 0.3048 meters.

If you have been looking for term such as ′ in m, conversion ft m and, for instance, from ft to m, then you also now know the outcome of your particular distance conversion.

The same applies to our visitors who typed metre instead of meter in their preferred search engine. The former is the international, and the latter is the American spelling.

ft to m

Be mindful that ft is the abbreviation for the unit foot, which takes on feet in plural form. Instead of ft, the prime symbol ′ is commonly used to indicate foot / feet.

And a foot consists of a dozen inches, abbreviated as in and symbolized as ″. Thus, [m] = [x] × 0.3048 + [y] × 0.0254, x and y stand for the amount of feet and inches, respectively.

We have created this site about feet to meter to help people changing the imperial / United States customary units to the decimal system of measurement known as metric system.

These days, most countries except those in North-America (Canada, United States of America), Liberia and Myanmar, the former Burma, use the meter as official or legal base unit of length.

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