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Welcome to 1.6 m to ft, our article explaining the conversion of 1.6 meters to feet. For the length of 1.6 meters we typically use the symbol notation and write it as 1.6 m, whereas the unit foot is abbreviated as ft or expressed by means of the prime symbol ′. Therefore, if you have been looking for 1.6 m to feet or 1.6 m in ft, then you have found the correct article, too.

Here’s everything about changing 1.6m to feet, including useful information and a length converter which produces the equivalence of 1.6m in ft, in as well as ft and in compounded.

Convert 1.6 M to Ft

The 1.6 m to ft formula is: [ft] = [1.6] / 0.3048. Thus, to change 1.6m to feet you have to divide the length in m, 1.6, by 0.3048. With this, you will obtain the following result:

1.6 m in ft = 5.25′
1.6 m to ft = 5.25 ′
1.6 m to ′ = 5.25 ft

Because a foot = 12 inches, 1.6 meters in ft and inches (″) is 5′ and 2.99″. This formula is located in the last part of this post, along with 1.6 m in ft and in rounded to the nearest inch.

Our results above have been rounded to two decimals. For higher accuracy you have to use our converter a bit further down from here, or get a calculator and apply the 1.6 meter to ′ formula.

To make use of the converter insert the value for meters, e.g. 1.6, then press “convert”. You will then be given 1.6 m in the units ft, in, as well as feet and inches combined.


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1.6m to Feet

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  • How many feet in 1.6 m?
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In case you want to change 1.6 m to feet and inches combined, use the formula [ft] + [in] = Int([1.6] / 0.3048) + 12 * Mod([1.6] / 0.3048,1), to obtain 5 ft and 2.99 in as outcome.

This is the 1.6 m to ft and in formula rounding to the nearest full inch: [ft] + [in] ≈ Int([1.6] / 0.3048) + Int(12 * Mod([1.6] / 0.3048,1)): 5 ft an 2 in.

1.6 M in Ft

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In addition to 1.6 m in feet, you are perhaps also interested in knowing what 1.6 m in other North-American and imperial units such as miles, yards and inches is:

1.6 m in ″ = 62.99 in
1.6 m in yd = 1.75 yards
1.6 m in miles = 0.001 mi

You have reached the concluding part of 1.6m im ft. More about the units in the context of 1.6 m to ft can be located the article with the title M to Ft, found in our header menu.

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